Founded in 1994, Direct Access Technology, Inc. (DAT) quickly became a leader in the computer hardware industry. Thanks to self-contained factories in China that include High Speed SMT, Tooling and Plastic Injection machines, DAT is able to design, assemble, manufacture and test products in a timely manner, ensuring that our customers stay ahead of the supply demand.

Our factory also staffs in house Engineers and full QC and Production Teams to manage every aspect of the manufacturing process. With cutting edge designs for an array of peripherals such as External Enclosures, PCMCIA Products, Cables, KVM Switches, Card Readers, Add-On Cards and Aluminum Hubs, product demand and market share were quickly established.

With DAT's market presence continuing to grow in the North American and European markets, chances are that you, or someone you know, is already using one or more of our OEM or ODM products. As DAT continues to manufacture quality products at reasonable prices, we feel that the future is very bright.